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General Help

First time usersWhy does this site require javascript?

Our session calendar, registration process, form validation, etc use javascript for their functionality. If you think your browser has javascript disabled, and you would like to re-enable javascript usage in your browser, even if only for just this site, you may find instructions at enable-javascript.com

if you prefer to have javascript disabled in your browser, please contact the service below to schedule your sessions over the phone or by email.

Kent Campus

Astabula Campus

Salem Campus

First time usersHow to use hidden Calendar features, and how to hide them when I don't need them?

To open additional Calendar features, including limiting by type of session, limiting to specific tutors/writers/consultants, and more, click the small down arrow:

To close the expanded features, click the small up arrow at the bottom of the expanded section:

We use cookies to store your preferences. Your browser will store your last settings for viewing the calendar, such as session type, or whether you prefer the expanded features open or closed.

Checking the "Display free sessions only" checkbox will hide all unavailable sessions - those that are in the past, and those that have already been registered for. If you have registered for sessions, these will continue to display on the calendar even when "Display free sessions only" has been selected.

First time usersWhat does a particular icon, label, or color mean?

The following icons and labels may be found through this site:

  • Click this icon to view Registrant details and all sessions this registrant has scheduled.
  • Click this icon to withdraw from session.
  • Unavailable This session is Unavailable for registration. It has already passed, had no registrations, and cannot have registrations added to it.
  • Full This session is Unavailable for registration. It has already passed, and had registrations.
  • Already Registered Sessions you are already registered for. These sessions may also be viewed on the My Account page.
  • Calendar entries with a yellow background Viewing a calendar or list showing today's sessions will have a yellow background, and any sessions will have a slight yellow tint to their usual color.

What are No Shows?

You receive "No Show" status for a session if you withdraw too close to the session time, or didn't show. The following list of event types lists how many hours before a session you may withdraw before without getting a "No Show" status for that session.

  • SMS - Audio Recording Booth: 2 hours
  • SMS - Podcasting Studio: 2 hours
  • SMS - Video Conferencing Room: 2 hours
  • SMS - Video Digitizing & Editing (Windows): 2 hours
  • SMS - Video Editing (Mac): 2 hours
  • Statistical Consultation: 24 hours
  • Writing Commons: 0 hours

Why am I Blocked?

If you find you are Blocked from registering for sessions, it most likely means that you've received too many No Shows in a semester. The following event types allow for the following number of No Shows before you are Blocked from registering. You may contat the department if you have questions.

  • SMS - Audio Recording Booth: 3 No Shows = Blocked
  • SMS - Podcasting Studio: 3 No Shows = Blocked
  • SMS - Video Conferencing Room: 3 No Shows = Blocked
  • SMS - Video Digitizing & Editing (Windows): 3 No Shows = Blocked
  • SMS - Video Editing (Mac): 3 No Shows = Blocked
  • Statistical Consultation: 4 No Shows = Blocked
  • Writing Commons: 10 No Shows = Blocked

Who do I contact for help?

If you did not find the information you needed above, you may contact the following services:

Kent Campus

Astabula Campus

Salem Campus