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Active Library Serials

Active Library Serials - Instructions

If you would like to list active library serials on your department's web site, you can link directly to the Active Library Serials search script. This script accepts a number of parameters which can be used to customize the display of the serials. All of these parameters are optional. Parameters must be separated by an ampersand (&) and there can be no spaces anywhere in the URL. All parameters and options are case-sensitive. A default value, which is shown in parenthesis for each parameter, is used if a value is not provided.

The URL of the Active Library Serials search script is:

Here are the parameters available:

  • display - (off) determines whether the search criteria is displayed on the results page. The options are 1) on, or 2) off.

  • dept - (any) determines which department to use in the selection. A list of the LMS department codes can be viewed here.

  • keywords - (none) subject keywords separated by commas that must must be present in the selection. Spaces must be replaced with plus (+) signs.

  • format - (any) determines which format to use in the selection. The only option currently is: electronic-only.

  • sortby - (title) determines the sorting order of the display. The options are: 1) title or 2) location.

  • limit - (20) determines the number of items to display on each page of results.

For example, to display all of the active serials in the library collection for the Geology department that are available electronically, you would include the follow link in your HTML:

You can also see various combinations of the parameters by using the Active Library Serials Search Form. After performing a search, copy and paste the link from the location line of your browser into a page on your web site.